For over 38 years, Cosmo DiSchino has been the man behind the chair. He is the mastermind, the owner, the motivator, and the mentor at Cosmo & Company, which has earned the status of “institution” in downtown West Palm Beach. Always on the leading edge where fashion and beauty fuse, Cosmo & Company caters to a diverse clientele ranging from those who have been loyal customers since the salon opened its doors in 1989, to bold-faced names who slip in for a private appointment during the social season and your favorite news anchors, to year-round residents of every age, profession, and style, from conservative to right-off-the-runway.

The wide array of indulgent (some would argue “completely crucial”) services come to you in Cosmo & Company’s newest home, just minutes South of downtown West Palm Beach. A day at Cosmo & Company is an absolute necessity. With an eye for diversity and depth of talent, and a heart for building a family style working atmosphere, Cosmo gathered a group of highly trained professionals to bring you the latest trends and technologies, keeping them honed through constant continuing education and in-house training.

Evoke Beauty™ by COSMO & COMPANY

“We import amazing stars and amazing teachers from other companies because you have to constantly work to stay ‘on the edge,’” Cosmo says. “As one of my stylists said to me, ‘you can’t do the same work you did in the Seventies just because the Seventies look is back in.’

We can read all of the trade magazines, take the classes, go to the big shows – that’s all part of it. But you also have to reinvent yourself every day, otherwise you’re just a stale hairdresser doing the same thing over and over. My staff has their own ideas, and my staff is constantly learning -- and I’m learning from them the whole time, too.

"I lived through the years where, especially in Europe, the salon owner was God’s given person to hair, and everyone cut hair just like he did, they had to cut his ‘look.’ That was never my thing. I’m just as creative, but I’m just a hairdresser here. I have to wear four hats: the owner, the manager, the mentor, the hairdresser. I have to do all of it, but I love to be behind the chair, even after 38 years of doing it.”

"Nothing is more gratifying than when a woman sees herself for the first time after I am done with her hair."

Interior of a hair salon with washing stations and product shelves.

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