Cosmo DiSchino

Stylist & Owner
Salon Team

Cosmo opened his first salon on Boston’s fashionable Newbury Street in 1976, after following his sister, Franca, in to the hairdressing business. “My sister was a fabulous hair stylist. I used to watch her do amazing work, and I used to dream that I could do what she did. Of course, I have to admit that all the girls were a lot of fun to be with, and then to get paid for it, too… But that was my inspiration to get to know the business, and it made absolutely the greatest impression on my life.”

“Having your own salon, you have to have a lot of vision – and that vision is to allow the people who work with you in the salon to be who they are. You can’t be the ‘all in all,’ otherwise you’d be the only one IN the salon.

As the owner, you have to be able to allow the rest of your staff not only to grow, but give them the permission to show what they can really do, to show their creativity. This is when you know you have succeeded as the owner."

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