Team Policy

As we share our sacred space, it is important to communicate to our guests’ what their experience should look and feel like. At Cosmo & Company we encourage an intentionally energetic and artistic environment that nurtures everyone that enters.

The following are some influential criteria that we as a team are committed to that will promote such an environment.

Feeling Our Best

We not only encourage, but we also expect everyone on our team to look their absolute best every day when they come to work. You have the best beauty service providers at your fingertips, share your services with each other!

Share Your Experience

Share your experience! Social media is one of the best ways to cheer us on! Please be sure to tag @cosmoandcompany on Instagram in every post!

Clean Environment

Maintaining a sanitary and organized work environment will promote calmness and tranquility. We want harmony and good energy when we work. If we all take care and respect our own workspace as well as take care of shared spaces, like the color dispensary and break room, together, we will always have coherence in every experience.

Open Space

We are so blessed to have such an open forum to work in. Bright, fresh, modern & chic, yet comfy cozy is what the salon and spa radiate. We ask you to refrain from speaking loudly across the salon. Especially around the spa and nail area, where this spa environment should feel quiet and serene.

Inform and Educate

Please give your client an opportunity to ask questions and be informed of the techniques of your expertise. Some people do not assume that an upgrade has an upcharge. The check out experience should be just as luxurious as their service experience. There shouldn’t be a surprise at checkout, please educate and inform your guest of price before each service. Educate your client on the importance of home care and encourage them to take home the luxury brands from our salon.

Creative Input

Communication & Understanding is key for a cohesive brand that empowers a culture that grows together! We periodically have team meetings that are important for everyone to attend. Your input and creative knowledge are important when we discuss ways to build our business and perfect the logistics of every part of what we do every day. You will be responsible for being informed.

This statement is what every new team member signs as they enter the Cosmo & Company family:

The management team of Cosmo & Company is focused on providing a healthy, safe, successful, and profitable environment for every who is a part of the team. The objectives and methods will be simple; to manage the policies not the people. We expect positive, engaged, engaging, and encouraging attitudes. We expect you to love what you do and do it the best you can every day. We expect you to communicate what is working and how we can improve as a team. We expect respect among each other, as colleagues, where we foster positive energy and are each other’s biggest cheerleaders!