Whether it’s to cover their grey hair to look younger or to dare a cool and bright blond to feel glamorous, women with color-treated hair make an intimate choice every time, one that is a true reflection of their personality. A personality to uphold by offering their hair the best in care and protection to maintain a vibrant color.

Pricing may vary based upon consultation of what your technicians and you the client discuss to achieve the desired look. This applies in all departments of the salon & spa.

Single Process - Variant Double Process - Variant Partial Highlight E • Lowlight - Variant Full Highlight E • Lowlight -Variant Balayage - Variant Glaze E • Smudge - Variant Men's Camo Color - Variant Specialty Color - V

Single Process
Double Process
Partial Highlight E • Lowlight
Full Highlight E • Lowlight
Glaze E • Smudge
Men's Camo Color
Specialty Color
Upon consultation