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Unlocking the Magic of Hair Oils: Expert Tips and Tricks from Cosmo & Company Salon and Spa

At Cosmo & Company Salon and Spa, we know how important it is to understand how to use hair oil properly, so you can achieve the perfect results for your hair type. Here, we will share tips from our experts to help you apply hair oil effectively.

Question 1: How do I apply a nourishing hair oil and how much hair oil should I apply?

At Cosmo & Company Salon and Spa, we recommend starting with one to two pumps of hair oil and distributing it evenly. The amount and type of hair oil you need depends on your hair length, texture, thickness, and condition. Start with a small amount and increase as needed until you reach the desired result. If you use too much hair oil, don't worry! We recommend using our Fresh Affair to absorb any excess oil and weight in your hair. Our top-selling product, Kerastase Elixir Ultime hair oil, is an excellent hair oil to start with if you're new to hair oils.

Question 2: Is it best to use hair oil on damp or dry hair?

At Cosmo & Company Salon and Spa, we suggest using hair oil on wet or damp hair if you're looking for detangling benefits or heat protection before blow-drying your hair. For maximum shine and frizz control, we recommend applying hair oil to dry hair. We also suggest using Kérastase Thermique as a hair primer before applying hair oil for the best results.

Question 3: What styling tools work best with hair oil?

We recommend using hair oils as a complement to styles done with heat tools such as blow dryers, curling irons, or flat irons. Elixir Ultime hair oil is perfect as a hair primer to protect the hair from blow-dry damage and nourish the hair during the styling process. As a post-styling finisher, hair oils can tame unwanted frizz, define hair shape, and leave your hair with more shine and fragrance. For clients with blonde hair, Blond Absolu Huile Cicaextreme is specially formulated to provide weightless hydration and damaged fiber recovery.

Question 4: Can I use a hair oil when I air-dry my hair?

May we recommend applying hair oil to damp hair to nourish and protect your hair from unwanted frizz as it dries into a subtle, shiny version of its natural texture. Once your hair is dry, you can use another pump of hair oil and accentuate the lengths and ends of your hair for added shine, protection, and lasting fragrance. For clients with curly or coiled hair, we suggest using Huile Sublime Repair, a multi-use hair oil.

Question 5: What is the secret to long-lasting shine and fragrance using hair oil?

At Cosmo & Company Salon and Spa, the secret to a long-lasting high shine on the hair is, to begin with a high-performance hair oil like our iconic and best-selling Elixir Ultime. It provides 48 hours of shine, setting you up for success. In between washes, reapply a pump of hair oil to the lengths and ends of your hair for a boost of shine that will last until your next wash. For an indulgent, lasting hair perfume, try our Chronologiste Huile De Parfum.

Question 6: When is the best time I should apply nourishing hair oil?

At Cosmo & Company Salon and Spa, we recommend applying hair oil to damp hair after shampooing and conditioning and air-drying your hair.

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