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More Than Skin Deep: The Mental Health Benefits of a Facial

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Treating yourself to a spa day is more than physical relief and pampering. Research shows that the benefits of a facial go beyond beauty and vanity, keep reading to find out more!

Did you know that skincare makes up over 20% of the global beauty industry?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, the importance you place on it should be of the highest priority. A facial, particularly done regularly, is one way that we can take care of our skin in the long run.

Treating yourself to a spa day is about more than just treating your skin though, it also talks about self-care and mental health.

1. Slow Aging Down

Part of our daily stress levels can be the fact that life is creeping up on us. We're no longer in our early 20s and we may feel pressured about aging. Facials can help promote collagen production which in turn, slows the aging process down.

Feeling good about how your face looks and feels means that you're feeling good when you step out into public, this is great for your mental health! It's quite simple, the better your face feels, the less make-up and covering-up that you have to do, the higher your self-esteem is, the more confident you feel, and the better your mental health becomes.

2. Good For The Soul

Facials are good for the face and good for the soul. If you've booked 90 minutes out of your diary every month, once per month for your facial, then you're on the right path to self-care and relaxation.

This means that that portion of your calendar is booked out for your quiet time. It gives you the opportunity to completely switch off from the world and feed your soul and mind with good vibes. Vital for your mental health, for sure!

3. Improve Sleep And Anxiety

Having regular facials can help you with improved sleep and lower anxiety levels. The key to this though is how regularly you have your facial treatments. If you're having regular facials then you promote the release of endorphins and these can truly help with clarity in your daily life.

The more endorphins you release, the better, and more productive your daily life will become and in turn, your sleep patterns will improve and your anxiety levels will drop.

4. Beautiful Benefits Of A Facial

We know that the effects of stress show up on your face, this happens with things like wrinkles, aging lines, and others. Regular and routine treatments will truly help you to see the benefits of a facial. But you have to know that facials work hand in hand with skincare at home and the way you manage your stress levels in your everyday life.

There's something so relaxing about lying in a dimly lit room, instrumental music playing, your eyes closed, embracing the atmosphere in anticipation of your facial.

Experience it for yourself

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