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Winter Hair Woes? Discover Tips & Solutions for Healthy, Gorgeous Hair

Are you grappling with dry and frizzy winter hair? Wondering if your hair care routine needs a revamp during the colder months? Fear not! At Cosmo and Company, we understand the unique challenges that winter poses to your hair, and we've got the perfect solutions from Kerastase to keep your locks healthy, vibrant, and beautiful.

Tailored Care for Winter-Stricken Hair - Does your hair need more intensive care in winter?

Not necessarily! Customize your care routine based on your hair situation. Dark-dyed hair requires color-safe care, while light-dyed hair needs moisture and repair care. Combat stress from the sun and other factors with targeted solutions from Kerastase. The hair is stressed by the sun and other factors both in summer and in winter.

Why am I more likely to get an itchy scalp in winter, and what helps against a dry scalp?

Dry heating air is a common culprit for the uncomfortable itchiness many experience during winter. The lack of moisture in the air can leave your scalp feeling parched and irritated. This is where Kerastase steps in with the Specifique Masque Hydra series, offering a range of solutions tailored to combat the effects of dry winter air.

Our Top Pick: Kérastase dermo-calm émulsion hydra-calming: This gem from the Specifique Masque Hydra series is a game-changer. Designed specifically to address the woes of a dry and itchy scalp, this emulsion goes beyond mere moisturization. It provides a calming sensation that relieves tension and itching, making it a must-have for anyone facing winter scalp discomfort.

Masque Réhydratant Hair Mask

Intense rehydrating gel-masque for dry ends

One size is 200 ml | $68.00

A lightweight gel-masque that instantly rebalances hair’s hydration. Restores hair quality. Detangles hair strands with a lightweight finish. Leaves hair hydrated and shiny

How to Use the Masque Réhydratant Hair Mask

Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately. Tested under dermatological control for safety. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately. Repeat cleansing twice. *Instrumental test on Argile Équilibrante + Bain Divalent + Masque Réhydratant.

What can you do against statically charged hair? Are there any care and styling tricks?

When hair is dry and damaged, it is even more prone to becoming statically charged. Due to the change between cold and warmer, dry heating air, the hair “flies” more in winter than in summer. It is important that “winter hair” is provided with sufficient moisture, as this balances out the hair’s negative charge. A high nutrition conditioner can help here. In between, you can tame the flyaway hairs with a light lotion such as Kérastase Lotion Thermique Heat Protecting Spray Heat protecting spray for fine, dry hair. Lightweight leave-in to nourish and detangle.

When choosing a conditioner, you can consider things like your hair type and the type of heat protection it offers.  Here is one of the best conditioners from Kérastase. A high nutrition ultra-light detangling conditioner that deeply hydrates dry hair fine to medium. Formulated with plant-based proteins and niacinamide, this creamy formula provides conditioning, making the hair easy to comb and detangle, as well as strength and shine.

Kerastase Nutritive Lait Vital Conditioner

75 ml $24.00 | 200 ml $44.00

How to Use the Lait Vital ConditionerLait Vital Conditioner

Apply on lengths & ends after cleansing hair with Bain Satin or Bain Satin Riche. Apply to washed and towel-dried hair. Massage lengths and ends, twist, and leave it for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

What can I do if my hair always gets matted in winter, especially when it's covered under my scarf?

Every now and then, detangle with your fingers or have a coarse comb with you. Also care for your hair regularly with intensive care. Kerastase has a variety of products for intensive care. Here is the top best seller: Revitalizing and nourishing hair mask, an essential revitalizing hair mask for lengths and ends. Instantly transforms your hair with durable moisture, softness, and shine. Imparts beautiful shine.

Masque Intense Régénérant Hair Mask

One size available | 200 ml $75.00

How to Use the Masque Intense Régénérant Hair Mask

After shampooing with Bain Régénérant, apply on the scalp and from roots to ends. Rinse after 5 minutes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly.

And what do I do about flat hair when I take off My hat?

It's best to always have a small dry shampoo in your handbag and spray it briefly under the hairline - bang, the volume is back!

Kérastase Resistance Volumifique Volume Expansion Spray is a lightweight hair spray that holds hair in place while still looking natural and beautiful. It has a fruity scent and is designed for fine hair. Reviews say it gives volume without being sticky or heavy, and that it's great for fine hair.

Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo

$39.00 34G |

How to Use Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo

After cleanse, treat, and prime, apply to hair. Shake well. Hold can 10-12 inches from hair. Spray evenly onto dry hair, focusing on roots and scalp, brush through.

On dry hair, spray product in sections 10-12 inches from the scalp.If white residue occurs, massage into the scalp.Rinse thoroughly.

Our hair specialists at Cosmo & Company often hear that hair radiates less color in winter and that your blonde automatically looks winter gray. What can I do about it?

Combat winter gray tones by having a glossing treatment at Cosmo & Company. Our experts will delicately mix a color tint to refresh your blonde tone without compromising your hair's health.

Winter-proof your hair with Kerastase! Visit Cosmo and Company today to explore our range of Kerastase products and receive personalized advice from our experts. Whether you're looking to purchase Kerastase products or indulge in a rejuvenating hair glossing session, our store is your ultimate destination for winter hair care.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to keep your locks radiant and healthy - visit us today or call (561-933-7411!

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