Sit back, Relax and Breathe

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Sit and relax in our specially designed dry salt room and breathe in the microscopic salt particles which have many positive effects on your body. The salt room itself is a microclimate free of toxins and allergens which allows the body to rest and start to naturally heal itself.

What Are The Benefits of Dry Salt Therapy?

Dry Salt Therapy is a natural treatment that has been known to aid in detoxifying the respiratory system, healing skin conditions, promoting better breathing, sounder sleep and overall wellness.

Dry Salt Therapy helps alleviate: 

  • Allergies - Asthma - COPD - Flu - Sinus Infection - Stress - Eczema - Bronchitis - Psoriasis - Hay Fever - Rhinitis
  • Reduces bronchial inflammation
  • Decreases airborne pollen particles  from airways
  • Strengths immune system to help decrease allergic reaction to pollens
  • Cleans and sanitizes the airways
  • Prevents and treats the common cold and flu
  • Improves skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis
  • Reduces snoring
  • Promotes healthier sleep

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If you have allergies, sinus infections, or even just a sinus headache, this is the place to go. I used to get a lot of sinus colds, and still get a lot of allergies but after breathing sea salt for a few sessions I feel like I can breathe easily again. 


I was very skeptical but talked into going by my mom.  After one session, bronchitis did, in fact, feel better -- now I make my kids go when they get colds, and it does help!