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Your First Bikini Wax: What to Expect

Summertime is finally here, and people are scrambling to get their beach bodies just right. If you're trying to look your best out on those sandy shores, you might want to consider getting a bikini wax. If you've never had one before, here's what to expect.

How many times have you been laying oceanside, only to realize in horror that you forgot to shave your bikini line? And you instantly scramble to pull your shorts or cover-up on to hide your mistake?

If that scene sounds all too familiar, you're probably considering opting for a bikini wax this summer. You're not alone; almost 84% of women groom their pubic hair. A bikini wax is the best way to set it and forget it, so you can drop everything and hit the beach without having to worry about dark, pesky hairs.

If you've never gotten waxed before, don't fret. It's not as scary as it seems! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about your first wax, and how to prepare!

What's a Brazilian?

You've probably heard the term "Brazilian" thrown around in your research about bikini waxing. The two are pretty different.

When it comes to a bikini wax, your waxing specialist will only remove the hair along your bikini line. They'll shape the rest of the hair however you like, perhaps into a triangle or a landing strip. They'll remove just enough so that you won't see any hair when you're bikini-clad.

A Brazilian wax, on the other hand, is the big leagues of nether-regions waxing. Your waxing specialist will remove all the hair down there, including your backside, for a smooth feel all over.

We're not going to lie: you're going to love how smooth a Brazilian makes you!

Preparing for Your Wax Appointment

Once you've decided on which style you're going to go with, you'll need to do some simple prep before your appointment. None of this is necessary, but it'll make the whole experience a little smoother (pun not intended).

First of all, give your pubic hair a little trim to about 1/4 inch. Longer hair is harder to wax off, making it more painful for you.

Second of all, skip the time around your period. PMS symptoms, like cramps, can make your nethers more sensitive.

Third of all, don't feel embarrassed. Your wax specialist does this every day, so don't fret about baring it all.

Lastly, take an ibuprofen or two before your appointment. It'll help with the pain!

What to Expect from Your First Bikini Wax

On the day of your appointment, your wax specialist will give you the option to remove your pants entirely or keep them on. That's up to you!

You'll discuss which style you want, and your specialist will get the wax heated up. The good salons will use an organic wax with soothing botanical ingredients to make the process smoother and less painful. You'll be given gloves and asked to help out by pulling your skin taut.

Next, they'll go to town! Remember, it's always the most painful the first time; on subsequent visits, the hair's roots will be thinner, making them easier to pull out. Stick with it; it gets easier!

Ready to Book Your Bikini or Brazilian Wax?

Now that you've read up on the process as a first-timer, you probably realize that it's not so scary after all!

If you're in the Palm Beach area, book your bikini wax with us today! We use all organic wax, and offer numbing cream to help the process go more smoothly!

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