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When's the Best Time to Cut Your Hair?

When is it worth it to get a fresh cut? In this post, learn the secret behind the best time to cut your hair. Does your hair fill you with confidence, or are you full of questions?

Does your hair fill you with confidence, or are you full of questions?
Does your hair fill you with confidence, or are you full of questions?

Only 7% of women say they love their hair. A lot of that comes from anxieties about the best way to take care of their hairstyle - including the best time for a cut.

Below, we're taking a look at the best time to cut your hair.

When It Prevents Split Ends

Is your hair starting to look worse for wear?

The best time to cut your hair might be when you're experiencing split ends and frail hairs. You don't need to ditch your whole style, though. Your hairdresser should know how to save you from split ends while protecting your cut.

Cutting your split ends promotes healthy hair, as split ends can spread down the length of a hair over time. If you fail to catch split ends in time, you could find yourself needing a much shorter cut.

When You Have Wear and Tear

Your hair takes a lot of punishment, especially if you color or curl it. Even if you don't, the elements can take their toll.

If your hair is showing signs of damage, now might be the time to cut it. Dry and frazzled looks could result from too much sun or punishment from curling and straightening.

Color damage will show up as a faded look on the ends of your hair, where it's oldest. Color damage can prevent uptake of a new color, so you'll need to get a haircut to prep for a color change.

When You Want to Stay On-Trend

Trends come and go, so what worked last year might look outdated this year.

Keep on top of trends in fashion sites and magazines. If you find yourself jealous of what others are wearing, it could be time for a new style. Trends often change with the season, so keep an eye out for those turn-of-the-season fresh looks.

Look to your favorite celebrity cuts for some ideas. If you rock it just right, you might become a trendsetter yourself.

When You Need a Refresh

Of course, the best time to cut your hair is sometimes when you feel like it.

If you're getting tired of your style or it's not working for you, try something else. Don't let your current style hold you back - you can always grow it back if you change your mind.

But getting a fresh style can give you a boost in your confidence. Try changing your hair with the season to welcome the spring or keep your head warm in the winter. Make your haircut work with your change in wardrobe.

The real trick of haircare is finding the style that works for you, both in convenience and confidence. Don't be afraid to try new things to find it.

Knowing the Best Time to Cut Your Hair

By following these simple tips, you can identify the best time to cut your hair and take full advantage. Get it right, and you can have full confidence in your hairstyle as you go about your day.

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