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What Are the Types of Wax For Hair Removal?

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Before deciding if waxing is the right hair removal service for you it is best to understand the array of wax that is used for hair removal. Read on to learn the types of wax for hair removal.

With summer just around the corner, hair removal season is in full effect. People want their bodies to be smooth and shiny for all the long days they will spend at the beach.

But with all the hair removal options out there, how can you know which one is best for you and your skin type?

Body wax is a much cheaper alternative to laser hair removal and lasts longer than shaving, so many women opt for waxing over the other hair removal options.

There are actually a couple different types of wax for hair removal, which we will discuss in this blog. Here is everything you need to know about the different types of wax so you can make the most informed body hair removal decision.

Types of Wax For Hair Removal

When it comes to body hair wax, you have two main categories: soft and hard. Here's what you should know about these two types of wax for hair removal.

Soft Wax For Hair Removal

This is the type of wax you see in movies and on TV that requires a strip to be used when removing the hair. Soft wax is applied on the body hair and then swiftly removed using a strip that sticks to the wax.

There are three different types of soft wax products you can use: heated, cold, and pre-made strips.

Heated wax is popular because it's very easy to use. You just heat the wax up over a warmer and it spreads easily over your skin. You then allow the wax to cool on your skin and remove it using a strip.

Cold wax skips the heating part and is simply applied directly on the skin. This strategy is a bit more difficult because cold wax is much harder to spread over skin than warm wax.

Pre-made strips are easy to use because they already have the wax applied to the strip. All you have to do is stick the strip onto your body hair, make sure it's on firmly, and then quickly pull to remove the hair.

Hard Wax For Hair Removal

Hard wax differs from soft wax because it does not require a strip to remove the hair. The hard wax is heated up (less than soft wax) and then applied in a very thick layer over your skin.

You will then allow the wax to sit on your skin, where it will basically wrap up all of your body hair and harden completely. Then, you will quickly remove the wax itself, which then pulls all the body hair it has enveloped.

Hard wax is particularly useful for areas of the body with thicker hair.

For More Information

To get prepared for summer, you should consider using wax for removing body hair so you can look your best. But before you do, make sure you know all about the different types of wax for hair removal so you can make the best choice.

For more information on using wax to remove hair, please contact us today.

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