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New Year and New Nails to Welcome 2019: 6 Inspired Looks

Studies show that 80% of New Year's resolutions fall into the category of hashtag fail by February.

Don't fail, but instead resolve to have amazing nails for the new year and beyond. Welcome in 2019 with a totally stylish flare with some on-trend and totally hot nails.

After Christmas, be sure to get to the salon to move aside your holiday nails for New Year's nails. You'll be hashtag fabulous if you go for any of our favorite designs.

Acrylic Nails Make a Statement

No matter what color you get on your nails, acrylics make a big statement to ring in 2019. While they were in during the 1990s, they've made their way back to being a hot trend in 2018 and will likely see us through to 2019. 

For New Year's, go bold with some extra long coffin shaped nails in a red or deep burgundy color. Or, match the nails to the outfit you've planned.

New Year's is the time to go all out, even with your nails, so experiment and get some nails that push you out of your comfort zone.

If you're not used to acrylic nails, remember to keep them up by wearing gloves when you do housework and moisturizing your cuticles every day.

If you decide to make acrylic nails part of your new beauty routine, have them redone or refilled at least every three weeks.

New Year's Nails That Sparkle, Baby

New Year's is a time to get extra glam, and that includes your nails. No matter if you're going for acrylic, gels, SNS nails or keeping it cool with just a coat of polish at home, add a bit of shine with some glitter. Gold or champagne colored glitter are both especially cute for the evening, giving you a happy and optimistic vibe for the New Year.

Ombre Nails

Ombre has been a hot trend that's not going anywhere in 2019. It has been both popular for hair and nails, and you can relay that trend to your New Year's Eve mani.

Go for an ombre nail, with something sparkly in the mix. For example, you could go for gold nails that fade into black for a hint of drama. Or, keep it light and flirty with silver or gold glitter over a sweet shade of pink. Concentrate the glitter and the top of your nail, and let it filter down your fingers for a fun effect.

Jazz It Up With an Accent Nail

Not ready to commit to an entire manicure of fun nails? That's no problem. You can have one really wacky accent nail. Paint your fingers your normal color, then go for something glittery, sparkly or fun for your ring fingers. You'll definitely still get that hint of fun, without going overboard.

And you won't feel weird wearing the mani to the office if you have to start work soon after the big night.

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

It doesn't matter what you're up to on New Year's, you deserve a mani or a pedi just for surviving 2018. And fun New Year's nails will help you step into 2019 with your best foot, or finger, forward.

Want help with your hair for New Year's Eve? Have a look at our guide to styling your extensions.

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