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Magnificent Manicures: The Perfect Nail Polish Colors to Go With Every Outfit

Love manicures? So do we. Find out the best nail polish colors to go with all of your favorite colors, textures, and styles in your wardrobe.

Did you know it takes an average of 17 minutes each morning for a woman to choose an outfit? But all that time and effort is wasted if your outfit doesn't look chic from head to toe.

To nail your look, you've got to pick the right nail colors. Because your nail polish colors can either make or break your outfit!

How can you make sure your nails are on point with any outfit you choose? Read on for some essential tips.

Nail Polish Colors On Point

Rule number one: matching nails and clothes doesn't mean you have to be all matchy-matchy! For example, you don't have to match a blue dress with blue nails. But there are ways to use nail colors to complement your outfit. How can you do it?

Color Block Your Nails

Color blocking is a clear-cut way to match a color manicure with your outfit. It's a great look when your outfit features solid colors. For instance, pair a black skirt and a turquoise blouse with turquoise nails.

You can also color block with complementary colors. For instance, pair a mustard outfit with deep purple nail colors. This sensational color pop will stand out, yet complement the mustard tones.

Make a Statement

If you want to make a statement, try an array of different nail colors. It's bold but can look classy if you choose the right colors. For example, try these combinations:

Cobalt blue, mint green, light pink, and magenta grey, violet, plum, and orange silver, turquoise, charcoal, and purple

If you try this look, keep your outfit neutral and let your nails do the talking.

Patterns and Prints

Making a nail-statement with plain clothing is fairly easy. But what if you're wearing a patterned outfit?

If your clothes are making a statement with prints, stay away from fancy nail art. Pick only one color from your outfit so that it won't detract attention from the outfit itself. But if you want to mix it up, use a variety of tones of the same color.

This is the Season for Beautiful Nails

Matching nails and clothes also depend on the season. Fall calls for smoky teal, dark olive, taupe brown or any autumnal colors. Cozy winter outfits with snug textures often look great with deep jewel tones, metallics, and heavy glitters.

When spring comes round pastel pinks, sunny yellows, and soft grays will match your spring outfits. And in the summer it's all about brights and neons to compliment your "fun-in-the-sun" outfits.

Nail Your Accessories

Accessorizing is a classic way of updating any outfit. So why not get matchy-matchy with your nails?

For example, if you're killing it with metallic jewelry, try metallic nails. Or if you're sporting a bright red bag, match your nail color. This is a great way to create a cohesive look without it looking too uniform.

Back to Basics

If you're still unsure of how to match nail colors with your outfit, stick to basic colors. Here are some low-key classics to choose from:

NudesPale PinkSoft WhiteBeigeLight GrayFrench Manicure

And last but not least, try Pantone's Color of the Year—Living Coral. This subtle tone will complement most of your looks.

Yes, if you choose any of these fail-safe colors, they'll match with pretty much any outfit you plan to wear.

Life's Too Short To Have Naked Nails

With so many colors to choose from, you're spoilt for choice. Which nail polish colors are you dying to try out?

Book a nail appointment with us today and we'll let you choose from an array of gorgeous colors.



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