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Is Summer Drying Your Hair Out? Here's why Nutritive is your new best friend!

Why does your hair become dry and brittle during the summer, and how can you prevent it from becoming damaged? It’s all a question of keeping hair nourished and hydrated. Here’s how!

Why do I have dry hair?

Dry hair can be caused three mains factors:

1. Genetics

Mother Nature can be kind and not so kind when it comes to our hair. Some of us are just born with naturally dry hair, like our skin type and eye/hair colour. This means your hair will always require a helping hand to keep it nourished all-year-long, but particularly during the dry summer months.

2. Physiological

Many people find their hair becomes dry at certain periods during their lifetime. A whole range of physiological factors can play an important role in hair quality. The menopause, pregnancy and certain medications, for example, can have an effect on your hair, at times leaving it feeling dry and fragile. Combine this with the damaging effects of UV rays, and hair quality can really suffer under the sun.

Why does your hair become dry and brittle during the summer, and how can you prevent it from becoming damaged

3. The environment

Summer holidays might mean an escape from urban pollution and work-related stress, but there are hidden risks when it comes to your hair. UV rays, salt water and chemicals used in swimming pools can all cause dry, damaged, tangled and even discoloured hair.

Repair and protect dry hair

The answer to dry hair concerns is all about nourishment in the form of tailored haircare. But not all dry hair requires the same treatment. Kérastase offers a wide range of nourishing haircare that can be personalised depending on your level of dry hair. Visit your nearest Kérastase salon for a diagnosis and recommendation.

The first step in nourishing your dry hair is the shampoo you use. The Bain Satin1, Bain Satin 2, and Bain Magistral shampoos are each formulated for different degrees of dryness, from slightly dry to severely sensitised and dry locks.

Finish with a nourishing conditioner or leave-in treatment: the three expert conditioning formulas available in the range are ideal for the summer when hair can become particularly dry. Plus, they can be used together in different dosages depending on your dryness diagnosis to offer the perfect personalised hair treatment at Cosmo and Company!



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