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5 Men's Haircuts to Get A-Head of the Trends

You've seen the most popular men's haircuts all around you. These hair styles are the ones you will be seeing soon but haven't seen yet.

How much hair do you think you have? How many hairs do you think you could lose before going bald? It turns out that we could lose tens of thousands of hairs, and we probably wouldn't even know. That's a lot of hair, and a lot of hair means a lot of ways to style it.

Of course, when it comes to hairstyles, we all want to be trendy. Unfortunately, men's fashion is not something we talk about a lot, so a lot of men don't know how to stay fashionable.

The good news is that we're here to help. Cosmo and Company know some great men's haircuts that will help you look stylish. We'll talk more about some of them in the paragraphs below.

1. Fade

There are many different kinds of fade haircuts, but they all have one principle behind them. They involve thining your hair down the back or sides of your head until it appears to blend into your skin.

The styles of fade differ based on where on your head the fade starts. Fades that start closer to where your hair would naturally end are called low fades.

Mid fades start a little bit higher on your head, between your temples and ears. High fades, meanwhile, go closer to the top and back of your head.

2. Undercut

To achieve an undercut, you'll have to cut the hair on the sides and back of your hair short while keeping the top long. This will create a 'wave' effect, that will make your hair look like a curved wave as it follows the shape of your head.

Many choose to pair an undercut with some sort of fade, but this is optional. It can create a nice effect, but the style won't suffer if you don't include a fade.

3. French Crop

The French Crop is making a comeback in modern culture. This style is achieved by cutting your hair short without cutting off your bangs completely. The hair is often styled forward to create this effect.

French crops are not mutually exclusive, though. You can get a French Crop with an Undercut, and even with some fading. 

French crops are great for those who prefer a low-maintenance look because you don't have to cut your hair as often.

4. Caesar

The last of the great men's haircuts on this list comes to us from one of the most famous men ever - Julius Caesar. The Ceasar cut features short hair of equal length on all sides.

Much like the French Crop, the Caesar is styled forward, but without the bangs. Caesar may have favored the look because he was slowly going bald.

The Best Men's Haircuts for the Modern Man

There are plenty of great men's haircuts that you might want to try. We've mentioned only some of them in the paragraphs above, but there are others out there. We encourage you to do more research if you're interested.

If you want more grooming and fashion advice, please follow our beauty blog and visit our site.

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