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5 Cute and Trendy Hair Extension Styles

Summer is full of events- weddings, birthdays, and vacations. We all want to look our best, which is why hair extensions make the best accessory.

They look amazing worn down, but sometimes you want to spice things up for special occasions. Not sure how to style your hair extensions? Keep reading for five gorgeous styling trends you need to try.

1. Slick Pony

There is nothing classier than a woman with her hair out of her face. For events that you want to look extra sophisticated at, try a low pony.

Start by making a side part. Then, gather your hair at the nape of the neck. Use a comb to smooth out any loose hairs or bumps.

Gel and hairspray are what transform this low pony into a slick look. Smooth down any baby hairs or frizz.

This look is perfect for hair extensions because they give you the length and volume for an extra long pony.

2. Half Updo

This style is perfect for when you want to look put-together while wearing yoga pants. Skip the messy bun, pull half your hair up instead.

Start by gathering the top section of hair around the crown. This should include your bangs if you have any. Secure hair with a clear elastic on the top of your head.

Now, use a texturing spray to make the top pony a little messier. Use a curling rod to loosely curl the rest of your hair, and finish with the texturizing spray again.

3. Braided Headband

For dinner with the in-laws or your best friend's baby shower, this look is perfect. It makes you look sweet, put-together, and trendy.

Before you begin braiding, spray your roots with a volumizing root lift spray. Volume is key in this hairdo.

Start your French braid above your right temple. Gather more pieces as you braid to the left temple. Secure with a bobby pin and use your fingers to loosen up the braid.

4. The Perfect Top Knot

We've all tried the sock method to make our top knots perfect. But, the only way to get that full, messy, and elegant look is with hair extensions.

Extensions add the volume and thickness at the root we all want. Grab a hair donut and pull your hair through. Since you have more hair to attach with the extensions you'll need extra pins.

For a slicker top knot, use a gel to secure fly-aways. If you prefer a messier bun, use the end of a teasing comb to loosen up the bun and pull out a few face-framing strands.

5. Long Beachy Waves

This is the quintessential summer hairstyle. Without hair extensions, it can look flat and straggly. But, with extensions, you can have the full, luxurious beach waves you've always wanted.

Before you dive in with the rollers, spray the extensions with water to make them damp. This prevents them from having a plastic shine that makes your hair look fake. It'll also help them blend into your natural hair.

Pull the hair out of the rollers and shake them out. Spray with hairspray and voila! Perfect beachy waves.

Want More Hair Extensions And Styling Ideas?

There are so many more styles you can do with hair extensions. Anyone with fine or thin hair can finally have the styles they want with extensions. As long as you cover their basis, every hairstyle looks better.

For hair extensions, styling, and all your hair needs feel free to contact us today.

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