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3 Reasons Why Professional Lash Extensions Are Superior to Fake Lashes

How much do you spend on fake lashes? These tiresome beauty products are fiddly and can look terrible if you get them wrong. Instead, have you considered investing in professional lash extensions? In this article, we'll look at the benefits of lash extensions. You'll never go back to fake lashes again!

1. Enjoy a Lie-In Every Day

Women in New York spend 21 minutes every day putting on makeup. Professional lash extensions are a lazy beauty-obsessed babe's dream.

Think of that extra half hour in bed! Putting on makeup becomes a thing of the past. Every morning, you'll wake up with beautifully long and luscious eyelashes.

Your lash extensions will last for around six weeks. During this time you'll save hours by not putting on makeup.

Just make sure you don't get your lash extensions wet for 24 hours after application or you may be in for a mess!

2. Professional Lash Extensions Look Realistic

As you might expect from the title, fake eyelashes look fake. They're easy to spot from a mile away and are never flattering.

However, professional lash extensions look very natural by comparison! Although they are more permanent than fake eyelashes, they are easy to forget about completely.

They are synthetic and made from silk or mink, depending on how much you want to spend. The different types of eyelash hair will give you different overall looks.

3. Boost Your Confidence

It is unsurprising that evidence has proven men are more self-assured than women. But, how can you boost your confidence?

Start by saying daily affirmations every day in the mirror, visualize who you want to be, and never listen to your inner critic.

We shouldn't only rely on our outer appearance to bring us confidence. But, sometimes it's nice to walk down the street with our head held high as we know we look great!

If one of your insecurities is having thin eyelashes, then spending a few hundred dollars to improve how they look will give you a huge confidence boost.

4. Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Perhaps you want bigger, more beautiful eyes? Then ask your eyelash professional Adailin at Cosmo and Company to shape your eyelashes to flatter your eye shape.

By doing this, you'll dramatize your eyelashes which will result in a beautiful makeup look.

As well as choosing professional lash extensions, make sure you also get enough sleep and massage your eyes every night to enhance their appearance! This will make your eyes pop.

Give Professional Lash Extensions a Try

If you're contemplating getting lash extensions, just jump right in and see what you think of them. After all, they don't last forever.

As well as getting your eyelashes done, why not consider having your brows sculpted to truly show off your eyes?

Book an appointment with us online today or call (561) 833-7411 to improve your beauty game. We guarantee you won't regret it!

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